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Scooter helps local Crete resident regain mobility

It was nice to make a local resident in Crete happy last week. Nomad was contacted to see if we could assist by bringing over a scooter which had been donated in the UK, to be given to local resident Dimitri, in order to help him to become more mobile. Dimitri and his family were overjoyed when it arrived, and we were very happy to help. Thank you to Hilary and Stuart Yeomans for organising this and to Paula Fry for kindly donating the scooter.

Dimitri and his family 2014-10-07 05.51.19
Delivery to Crete

Extra Vehicle in March

Good news for our Crete customers: we’ve been so busy this month that we’re sending an extra vehicle to Crete before our next scheduled departure.  This will be a full articulated lorry heading only to Crete, to cater for our removals to Crete and Crete Express customer orders this month.  Our two scheduled departures in March (the first of which is due to arrive in Crete this weekend, and the second of which is scheduled to depart from the UK on 29th March, arriving in Crete in the week commencing 6th April before Greek Easter) will still go ahead as planned.  This third vehicle will depart next week will arrive in Crete on 31st March.

There is still a small amount of space on the latest of these three vehicles (the 29th March departure) but it is filling-up fast: if you would like to receive your goods in Greece before Easter book now!


Besides shopping online, many of our Crete Express customers bring their own goods in to our warehouse for transport to Crete

March has been a busy month for us – besides receiving goods into our Peterborough warehouse, we have of course been conducting many removals all over the country, destined for Greece.  This month we’re delivering in Corfu, Kefalonia, Stoupa, Messinia, Argos (Peloponnese), as well as Patra and Crete.  With some removals from Greece back to the UK also this month, our team are looking forward to the Easter break!

Which? Trusted Trader – Nomad International

Nomad International is officially now a “Which?” Trusted Trader for the removal industry!

“Which?” is a trusted name when it comes to finding reliable, unbiased reviews on products in the UK.  They are a not-for-profit, charitable organisation and are therefore completely independent, which is why their opinion has been trusted since 1957.  “Which?” has expanded to provide guidance to consumers not only on products, but on services, establishing its “Trusted Trader” scheme.  They have now added removal companies, and are applying their rigorous approach to our industry to find the best providers.

Nomad International Trusted Trader

Nomad is proud to announce that we have passed their inspections and are now certified as a Which? Trusted Trader.  We are the only removal companyspecialising in Greece to be endorsed by Which and hold this badge.  It means a lot to us because, in addition to insisting on BAR membership, the Which criteria and inspection involved talking to our past customers to get their honest opinions on our services and our company.  We passed with flying colours due to the recommendations provided by our kind customers.

Even more reason to choose Nomad for your removal to Greece or Italy.

Here is Nomad’s profile and reviews on the Which? Trusted Trader site.

Incredible Delivery to Hydra

Conducting removals to the Greek islands is a fascinating business.  We never cease to be amazed by the beautiful locations our customers choose to live, and we’re always up for the challenge.  This time a customer was moving from the UK to the tiny island of Hydra, off the Peloponnese in Greece, and contacted us to help with his removal.  There was just one problem, he said: trucks aren’t allowed on the island!  In fact all vehicles are completely prohibited.  Not ones for shying away from a challenge, we didn’t hesitate to take on the job.

Removals to Hydra involve firstly parking the truck at the “port” on the mainland, before carefully transferring the goods into a small boat!  On arrival on the island, it’s time to load up the… donkeys!  That’s right, donkeys.  This is not our normal modus operandi, but when in Rome…

And finally, the delivery into the customer’s house (which was relatively easy compared to the odyssey we had undertaken to get here).  Our customer Mr Burgess was very helpful and even insisted on helping us carry the goods into his home.  All in all it was a great job, and another one for the Nomad history books.

Compared to this job, most of our removals to and from the Greek islands are relatively straightforward!  But every job involves a certain degree of difficulty.  We’re lucky to have an outstanding team who are capable of doing even the toughest of removals, while still having fun.  If you want to move to or from the Greek mainland or any of the Greek islands, Nomad International is the company to use.




Extra Trip Before Easter

We’re very busy in the lead-up to Easter so we’re sending an extra vehicle in addition to our normal services.  Besides removals to Crete and other Greek islands, we will have some space for Crete Express consignments on this truck.  It will depart on 28th March and arrive in Crete approximately 7 days later.  This will be the last Crete Express arrival on the island prior to Easter, so if you would like to send some things to Crete before Easter, book now!  We need the items to arrive by 25th March please, to be ready in time for loading.  Please also remember to complete the booking form at Step 4 on the Crete Express page on our website!

Our next run after this one will be one of our normal scheduled services, arriving just after Easter.

Early Morning in Crete

Nomad’s New Euro 6 Truck in Crete

Beautiful early morning photo taken in Crete two weeks ago, with the White Mountains in the background living up to their name. Crete is such an amazing place, with winter temperatures into the 20s while there is snow on the mountains!

This is the first trip to Greece for our new tractor unit. We’ve got a busy year ahead so this truck won’t be still for very long, it will be almost non-stop to and from Crete and the other Greek islands.

New Addition to the Nomad Fleet

Our new truck has finally arrived, and it is a beauty! The DAF XF510 Euro 6 is one of the most fuel-efficient and least polluting HGV vehicles on the road, dramatically reducing the environmental footprint of our removals. With full electronically-controlled air suspension, combined with air suspension in our trailers, the truck provides the smoothest ride for the delicate goods we carry over the long journey to and from Greece and Italy.

New Truck for Moving to the Greek Islands

Removals to Greece by Road

Nomad’s New DAF XF Euro 6 Truck

Follow Us On Facebook!

It’s true, we’ve finally joined Facebook! Go to and like our page to get news, updates and photos from us. We’ll also be highlighting special offers available in the UK for our Crete Express customers. We’re excited about using Facebook to communicate with our valued customers.

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Departing From Crete: Feb 2014

A Nomad removal lorry at Souda port in Chania, Crete, Greece before heading back to the UK in early February this year.  You can see one of our shuttle vans loaded onto the back of the truck this time.  Removals to the Greek islands occur all through the winter too!  Wet days like this are a rare pleasure in Greece – we look forward to them because they make a change from all the sunshine!

Crete Removals in Winter


Buying A Property Abroad: An Expert Guide

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office, in partnership with the Buy Association, have released a new video full of advice for people who are planning to buy property overseas.  It is entitled Buying a Property Abroad: An Expert Guide and is full of useful tips to remember when you are looking for a new home in Greece or Italy.

For advice specifically related to moving to Greece or Italy, please have a look at our pages, which have a lot of information on packing for your removal (including videos), choosing the right company, and links to other resources.

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