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September 28th, 2018 by

Dear Crete Express customers,

We’re excited to announce the latest evolution of the Crete Express service!

If you’ve ordered with us in the last few weeks you will have already been introduced to the new website,  We’re rolling this out to all of our Crete Express customers in the coming months.

The new system enables you to log in and:

  • See if your parcels have arrived with us (if you’ve ordered from a UK retailer for example)
  • View photographs of your parcels in our warehouse
  • See the dimensions and volume of each parcel
  • See departure dates and approximately how much space is left on the next vehicle
  • Pay for your shipment through a secure website
    • This secures your space on the vehicle


How It Works

You don’t have to do anything extra to get started.  If you are sending something through the Crete Express, as soon as the first item arrives with us we will measure it up, photograph it and create an account for you.  You will receive an email stating that you have a new Crete Express account, with a temporary password.  Just log in and change your password, then you’ll be able to see your parcel!

Each time you are sending goods with the Crete Express service, the total number of goods you are sending at once will be considered a “consignment”.  A consignment is “open” once we have received the goods, and before you have paid.  So to see your open consignment just choose the “View Your Open Consignment” button on the Home screen.

This will take you to your open consignment, where you can see the parcels that have arrived:

The Nomad team will measure everything up for you and calculate the cost of transport.

If you’re still waiting for more items to arrive, don’t worry, Nomad will update you each time we receive an item for you.  We’ll add it to your consignment with measurements and a photo so you can see it.

When your consignment is complete (when we’ve received everything you are planning to ship this time), you can scroll up to the top of the page and see the total price.  If you would like to take insurance you can insert the value here and update it, and the insurance price will be automatically calculated.

Then just click the “Pay & Reserve Vehicle Space” button and you’ll be taken to the secure Stripe server where you can pay for transport.


Earlier Is Better

The main change to our system is that our customers are able to secure space on our vehicles in the order in which they pay, not the order in which they place an “order form”.

This means there is an advantage to paying as soon as your goods have arrived and are ready to send.

Most of our departing vehicles become over-booked in the last few days leading up to departure.  To ensure that your consignment makes it onto the next departing vehicle, “pay and reserve” your space as early as possible in the process, instead of waiting til the last minute.  As soon as everything has arrived with us, complete your order by clicking the “Pay & Reserve Vehicle Space” button and we will confirm that your goods will be sent on the next vehicle.

You can see on the website how much space is available on the vehicle vs how much space has already been taken by other customers who have confirmed (paid) for their shipments.

If we have received only part of your consignment (for example if you ordered 5 items from different retailers, 3 have arrived and you are still waiting for 2), it is fine for you to “Pay & Reserve Vehicle Space” for only the 3 items that have arrived, to ensure that these ones do go on the next departing vehicle.  As soon as the 4th item arrives with us we will automatically open a new consignment for it.  If the 4th and 5th items arrive in time, you can “Pay & Reserve Vehicle Space” for this second consignment to go on the same departing vehicle.  If they don’t arrive in time (or if other customers pay first, and take up all of the available space), then this second consignment will go onto the following departure.


Why We’ve Built This New System

Two reasons: service and efficiency.  We want to be able to offer the best possible service to our Crete Express customers, and also to our removal customers.  By modernising our Crete Express system we will save time and be able to offer much better service to our Crete Express customers, and free up some time to provide even better service to our removal customers.

Besides being more efficient, the new system provides a better experience for our customers, by giving them more information and making everything clearer.  Many of our customers call and email us to ask if their parcels have arrived  in our warehouse – we don’t mind this of course, we are “people people” – we like having a chat.  But each of these phone calls takes time (both for us and for our customers).  We know how frustrating it can be, not to be able to reach someone on the phone when you just want to ask a simple question!  Very often our phone lines are busy and our customers are trying to reach us to ask simple but important questions about their Crete Express orders.

Now our customers can answer many of these questions for themselves by simply logging on and viewing their consignment.  This is easier and clearer for everyone, and will save our customers a lot of time.

Being able to pay online is a great benefit too, as quite often we play long games of “telephone tennis” with our customers, trying to reach each other to pay for a Crete Express order.  All of this can now be eliminated, with the ability to pay securely online whenever it is convenient for the customer, 24 hours a day.


Do I Still Have To Complete An Order Form?

We would prefer if our customers do complete an Order Form still.  An “Order Form” is the same as it has always been – it is the form that tells us you are going to be sending goods through the Crete Express service soon.  It enables us to know roughly what to expect to arrive for you.

But the Order Form is technically no longer absolutely necessary.  Instead of giving priority to customers in the order in which they send us the Order Form, the new system gives priority simply in the order in which customers pay.  All you really need to do is start sending items to arrive at our warehouse (or bring them in yourself) – this is what triggers us to open a new consignment for you and enables you to see the items online and pay.  If you haven’t completed an Order Form in advance, it doesn’t technically matter.

But please do endeavour to complete an Order Form in advance if you can.  You can still complete this form on the Crete Express page on our main Nomad website, or on the Home Page of the Crete Express website, at the top as soon as you log in.


Will I Still Be Able to Reach Rob, Daz & Danny on the Phone?

Yes of course.  And our team will still be here in the warehouse to greet you with a smile if you prefer to drop your goods in to us yourself (or collect them from us, if you’re shipping from Crete to the UK).  We really like seeing our Crete Express customers and having a chat.

We don’t think you’ll need to call us as often, and we hope to be able to be more efficient and offer better service than ever by saving time.  But if you need us we’re here.

Thanks so much for using our Crete Express service over the years.  We hope these new changes will make the service even better for you, and we look forward to helping you to send goods to and from Crete cheaply and easily for many years to come.

For our “Patra Express” customers, don’t worry, we’ll be updating the system to add Patra Express soon too!  To send parcels or online purchases from the UK to anywhere else in Greece, then Nomad Parcels is the best way to do this.

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