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Temporary Pause In Operations To Comply With COVID-19 Measures

March 25th, 2020 by

Coronavirus MeasuresFollowing the Greek and UK governments’ announcements on Sunday night and Monday nights respectively, requesting that people stay at home where at all possible and isolate from other people, we have decided to temporarily pause our removal operations until 6th April (Greece) and 13th April (UK) inclusive, to comply with these requests.

Although both governments have clearly stated that going to work is allowed in cases where it is not possible to work from home, and although it is legal to conduct removals under the current lockdown measures in both the UK and Greece, we feel that it would not be in keeping with the spirit of the requests if we did not postpone all non-essential work until after the end of these periods.

Therefore we will not be conducting any removals (collections or deliveries) in Greece until 7th April and in the UK until 14th April, except for cases where the removal has already commenced or there are other extraneous circumstances preventing it from being cancelled.

We already have extensive measures in place to protect our customers and to operate our UK warehouse and office safely, and these will continue of course.  Increased hygiene measures will likely be required throughout the whole of 2020.

Transport through Europe (for trucks carrying goods, like ours) continues with only minor delays.  Our latest vehicle arrived in the UK yesterday afternoon from Greece, one day later than planned due to slower than normal processing at the borders, but with no serious problems.  We will still be sending trucks as normal, but on arrival in Greece we will park them securely and wait until 7th April to commence deliveries and collections.  Our removal work in the UK, including deliveries of goods that have come back from Europe, will recommence from 14th April.

The Crete Express depot in Crete will also not be open for Crete Express collections and deliveries until after 6th April. Jon’s English Butcher will still be open of course, but our customers will not be able to collect or deliver parcels at the depot next door until this time.

We are still very busy and expect to stay so throughout the remainder of the year, hopefully experiencing only minor delays.  As of right at this moment we have the contents of the next three fully-loaded articulated trailers (all removals), ready to go to Greece.  Our April services are almost fully-booked and we’re already taking bookings for May.  We are also busy with removals from Greece, and expect the healthy flow to continue in both directions throughout the year.

We could legally continue to operate removals both in the UK and in Greece throughout the current “stricter” lockdown periods, but we have chosen to pause our operations at the moment because we believe it’s the right thing to do.  Our work is important but in most cases it is not “essential”.  Our work will continue after this period but at the moment we need to pause, along with everyone else, to join together and combat the spread of the novel coronavirus.

We have been able to notify almost all affected customers already and we are very grateful for their support and understanding.  We look forward to getting back to our busy removal schedules as soon as possible after this period.

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