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Cretan Animal Transport

Cretan Animal Protection is actually a charity which mainly transports rescued dogs and cats from Crete and finds new homes for them in the UK. But they also transport pets for owners moving from Greece to the UK or Europe. They are DEFRA-registered transporters and they are very reasonable (amounts in the hundreds, rather than the thousands of pounds).

However, please note that due to a recent change in their operations they are only taking pets FROM Greece, rather than to Greece at present.

For the Cretan Animal Protection Facebook page please see here.  You can reach Lorraine Benson via the page, or at lorraine.benson (at) hotmail.co.uk.  The charity does more than just transport, but just contact them to discuss your requirements.

They mainly cover the island of Crete and the city of Athens (although it doesn’t hurt to ask about other locations!)

We are working on other options for our customers moving to or from other parts of Greece, or to or from Italy. However, we NEVER transport animals ourselves as we are not equipped to do so. You should only ever use a DEFRA-registered transporter for the transport of animals, to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

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