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Pet Transport

We don’t transport pets in our own commercial vehicles because it is not safe for the animals. Please never use a company that is offering to transport both your animals and your furniture in the same vehicle – this will end in disaster.

Soon we hope to form a partnership with a company we trust, so that Nomad can offer not only door-to-door but “kennel-to-kennel” removal services for our customers!  Our partners will be responsible for the transport of the pets and we will take everything else.  The process should be able to be organised from one point of contact, and soon we hope to be able to offer this.

In the meantime we can recommend a few options for our customers who are moving with their pets:


Some of our customers have recommended PAWS, an animal charity based in the Peloponnese. We’ve found them to be very friendly, reliable and responsive to enquiries.  They subcontract out the transport to other operators but they manage the process.

Pet Relocator

Some of our customers have also used the Pet Relocator to transport pets by road to and from Greece.  Please see their website here.

Animal Couriers

Animal Couriers are fully qualified and licensed pet carriers who regularly cover both Greece and Italy by road.  Visit their website for more information here.

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  • Removals to Italy

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  • Special Focus: Crete

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