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Parcel Delivery Crete

For those people affected by the demise of Parcel Delivery Crete (PDC), Nomad will help.

Many people paid PDC for delivery of parcels prior to Christmas 2017 and didn’t receive them. We have decided to transport these parcels for free, in order to help sort out the mess and reunite these items with their owners. We specialise in removals and parcel delivery to Crete so we have vehicles heading along this route already. We also believe in supporting the expat community in Crete and we do what we can to help support charities on the island. This case is a disaster for many people and it seems only right to help.

We need each person’s permission before we can transport their goods, and we also have to be able to find and identify the goods before we can transport them. This will take some planning and organisation, so please bear with us.

Please also bear in mind that we have agreed to deliver to all of the individual homes in Crete on this occasion (since this is what they had paid for with Parcel Delivery Crete). Once we have permission, we will also collect these if necessary, from the two locations where these parcels are currently stored: we have heard that these locations are a home in Stourbridge and a Big Yellow self storage unit in London. For parcels heading from Crete to the UK we will collect them in Crete and bring them to our warehouse in the UK, where they can be collected. We won’t be able to deliver parcels to individual locations all over the UK, so for these ones please collect them from our UK warehouse.

Most importantly, please contact us as soon as possible at if you have parcels that are affected by this problem. We need to open a dialogue and start the process of planning and organisation with each individual person who is affected. If we do not hear from you directly we will not have your permission to transport the goods, and we will not even know that you need help, so please contact us ASAP.

We hope to reunite people with their parcels as soon as possible.

Antikythera Mechanism Celebrated in Google Doodle

Google Doodle Antikythera Mechanism

Google has devoted its “Google Doodle” today to the 115 year anniversary of the discovery of the Antikythera mechanism.  We covered the incredible story of this fascinating device in this blog post a few years ago.  Found in a shipwreck off Antikythera (between Crete and the Peloponnese in Greece), it was put on a shelf for 50 years, its value and complexity hidden beneath rock deposits that had accumulated over 2,000 years.  It wasn’t until 1951 that the device was investigated properly, and not until recent advances in x-ray technology that its full workings were revealed.  The device is nothing less than a mechanical computer, a truly astounding piece of engineering for its time.  Visit our previous blog post for the full story and videos:

Antikythera Mechanism Video

Last Greece-to-UK Pre-Christmas Dates Finalised!

Our last departure from Greece to the UK before Christmas will be departing on 28th November (and a few days earlier from Crete or the other islands).  If you are moving before Christmas or if you would like to send Christmas presents to loved ones in the UK, book now before this vehicle becomes fully-booked!

We can stop at other countries en route of course, so if you would like to move from Greece to France (for example), contact us ASAP, we would be happy to help.


Our next departure dates from the UK to Greece before Christmas will be 13th November and approximately 11th December (exact date TBA). These vehicles are always very busy so book now!

Partnership Offer: Save Money on Foreign Currency Exchange

We’re pleased to announce a special offer for Nomad customers and friends.

We use Key Currency for our foreign exchange transactions because of both the outstanding rates they offer and the excellent service we receive from them. Our broker (Andy Dyer) has opened his books to friends and customers of Nomad, guaranteeing the same rates and service that he gives to us.  This means preferential rates on foreign exchange which are literally the lowest rates on the market, with no transaction fee (brokers usually charge £10 for this; banks charge more).  This can represent a saving of thousands of pounds on a large transaction such as a house purchase.

Our account manager at Key Currency, Andy Dyer, will also personally look after all Nomad clients, handling the entire process and answering any questions, so that you will be dealing with the same person the whole time. Please see here for more information.

With the volatility in GBP – EUR exchange rates following the Brexit announcement, currency concerns are high for many British expats in Greece and Italy, as well as those planning to move abroad.  At least having a currency broker you can trust means that whenever you decide to exchange currency, you will get the best possible rate at the time.

Nomad’s Key Currency Partnership FAQ

FAQ About Nomad’s Partnership with Key Currency

Q: How do I take up the offer to use Key Currency to buy or sell foreign currency at the lowest rate?
A: Either click on this link to visit the Nomad page on the Key Currency website and contact them directly, or just ask any one of the Nomad team about it when you speak to us next, and we’ll ask Andy our broker at Key Currency to give you a call.  Email or call us on the numbers above.

Q: Why does Nomad recommend Key Currency?
A: We’ve used a lot of brokers, banks and other FOREX services in the past, and we’ve found two main problems. Firstly, it’s hard to know if you’re getting the best rate. We ended up using two brokers at once, to enable us to compare rates before making the transaction each time, but this is a bit laborious. We just want a broker who we can trust will give us the best rate every time. Secondly, with some of the large brokerage firms, you speak to a different person every time you call, which makes it hard to know if they are going to give you as good a rate as their colleague would have. It’s better to have one person who you trust, who understands your needs (and in our case our business requirements), and can take care of everything for you. We’ve found that Key Currency solves both of these problems for us.  Andy Dyer is the Head of Trading, but as our broker he personally handles each trade for us. He is a genuine guy and doesn’t give anyone a “hard sell”, which is why we are comfortable recommending him to speak to our friends and clients. Most importantly, he gets the best rates for us, and he will do the same for our clients and friends.

Q: How do currency brokers make their money?
A: They take a small margin on the difference between the price they buy the currency at, and the price they sell the currency at.  For example, if you go to Thomas Cook you can see the rates at which they buy currency and sell currency are different – they have a very wide margin.  Banks have slightly less margin but it is still very wide, i.e. they take a large chunk every time you make a foreign currency transaction.  Giving the “best rates on the market” means literally taking a smaller margin than other banks or brokers.  Key Currency do this because their preference is to win the trust of customers who continue to use them time and time again in future, instead of trying to maximise their profit on one single trade.  On a large transaction like a house purchase, Key Currency’s margin will be thousands of pounds less than the bank’s margin, saving you literally thousands of pounds.

Q: Does Nomad make any money from this?
A: Yes, if someone comes to Key Currency from Nomad, a percentage of the small percentage margin that Key Currency makes, comes back to us.  We would not do this if we did not believe that Key Currency provide literally the cheapest rates on the market to their customers, and therefore if our customers use Key Currency, they will save money compared to other banks or brokers.  Also we know Andy personally through our dealings with him and we trust that he will provide excellent service.

Q: Why hasn’t Nomad recommended brokers with a referral relationship like this in the past?
A: We have always been concerned about a potential conflict of interest. We never want our clients and friends to think that we would recommend someone purely because we are receiving some income from them. But in Andy’s case, we know that (1) he will actually provide the best rates on the market and (2) he is a genuine person and won’t be pushy or overly salesmanlike – he just provides very good service and excellent rates. So we’re comfortable recommending him to our clients and friends.

Q: We haven’t used Nomad for our move yet, does this matter?
A: No it doesn’t. You don’t have to be a Nomad customer to start working with Key Currency – just mention to them that you found out about them through Nomad and that is fine.

Scooter helps local Crete resident regain mobility

It was nice to make a local resident in Crete happy last week. Nomad was contacted to see if we could assist by bringing over a scooter which had been donated in the UK, to be given to local resident Dimitri, in order to help him to become more mobile. Dimitri and his family were overjoyed when it arrived, and we were very happy to help. Thank you to Hilary and Stuart Yeomans for organising this and to Paula Fry for kindly donating the scooter.

Dimitri and his family 2014-10-07 05.51.19
Delivery to Crete

Extra Vehicle in March

Good news for our Crete customers: we’ve been so busy this month that we’re sending an extra vehicle to Crete before our next scheduled departure.  This will be a full articulated lorry heading only to Crete, to cater for our removals to Crete and Crete Express customer orders this month.  Our two scheduled departures in March (the first of which is due to arrive in Crete this weekend, and the second of which is scheduled to depart from the UK on 29th March, arriving in Crete in the week commencing 6th April before Greek Easter) will still go ahead as planned.  This third vehicle will depart next week will arrive in Crete on 31st March.

There is still a small amount of space on the latest of these three vehicles (the 29th March departure) but it is filling-up fast: if you would like to receive your goods in Greece before Easter book now!


Besides shopping online, many of our Crete Express customers bring their own goods in to our warehouse for transport to Crete

March has been a busy month for us – besides receiving goods into our Peterborough warehouse, we have of course been conducting many removals all over the country, destined for Greece.  This month we’re delivering in Corfu, Kefalonia, Stoupa, Messinia, Argos (Peloponnese), as well as Patra and Crete.  With some removals from Greece back to the UK also this month, our team are looking forward to the Easter break!

Which? Trusted Trader – Nomad International

Nomad International is officially now a “Which?” Trusted Trader for the removal industry!

“Which?” is a trusted name when it comes to finding reliable, unbiased reviews on products in the UK.  They are a not-for-profit, charitable organisation and are therefore completely independent, which is why their opinion has been trusted since 1957.  “Which?” has expanded to provide guidance to consumers not only on products, but on services, establishing its “Trusted Trader” scheme.  They have now added removal companies, and are applying their rigorous approach to our industry to find the best providers.

Nomad International Trusted Trader

Nomad is proud to announce that we have passed their inspections and are now certified as a Which? Trusted Trader.  We are the only removal companyspecialising in Greece to be endorsed by Which and hold this badge.  It means a lot to us because, in addition to insisting on BAR membership, the Which criteria and inspection involved talking to our past customers to get their honest opinions on our services and our company.  We passed with flying colours due to the recommendations provided by our kind customers.

Even more reason to choose Nomad for your removal to Greece or Italy.

Here is Nomad’s profile and reviews on the Which? Trusted Trader site.

Incredible Delivery to Hydra

Conducting removals to the Greek islands is a fascinating business.  We never cease to be amazed by the beautiful locations our customers choose to live, and we’re always up for the challenge.  This time a customer was moving from the UK to the tiny island of Hydra, off the Peloponnese in Greece, and contacted us to help with his removal.  There was just one problem, he said: trucks aren’t allowed on the island!  In fact all vehicles are completely prohibited.  Not ones for shying away from a challenge, we didn’t hesitate to take on the job.

Removals to Hydra involve firstly parking the truck at the “port” on the mainland, before carefully transferring the goods into a small boat!  On arrival on the island, it’s time to load up the… donkeys!  That’s right, donkeys.  This is not our normal modus operandi, but when in Rome…

And finally, the delivery into the customer’s house (which was relatively easy compared to the odyssey we had undertaken to get here).  Our customer Mr Burgess was very helpful and even insisted on helping us carry the goods into his home.  All in all it was a great job, and another one for the Nomad history books.

Compared to this job, most of our removals to and from the Greek islands are relatively straightforward!  But every job involves a certain degree of difficulty.  We’re lucky to have an outstanding team who are capable of doing even the toughest of removals, while still having fun.  If you want to move to or from the Greek mainland or any of the Greek islands, Nomad International is the company to use.




Extra Trip Before Easter

We’re very busy in the lead-up to Easter so we’re sending an extra vehicle in addition to our normal services.  Besides removals to Crete and other Greek islands, we will have some space for Crete Express consignments on this truck.  It will depart on 28th March and arrive in Crete approximately 7 days later.  This will be the last Crete Express arrival on the island prior to Easter, so if you would like to send some things to Crete before Easter, book now!  We need the items to arrive by 25th March please, to be ready in time for loading.  Please also remember to complete the booking form at Step 4 on the Crete Express page on our website!

Our next run after this one will be one of our normal scheduled services, arriving just after Easter.

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