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The best rates on foreign exchange

Save Money on Foreign Exchange

Nomad customers qualify for preferential exchange rates with Key Currency, a specialist foreign exchange broker.  Key Currency’s rates are much cheaper than high street banks or foreign exchange bureaux, so they can save you a lot of money on foreign currency exchange.  For large transactions the savings can be into the thousands of pounds.

As an international transport company, we have a lot of expenses in Euros.  We use Key Currency for all of our foreign exchange transfers because they offer the cheapest exchange rates on the market (even cheaper than other brokers).

Andy Dyer and Geoff Lambourne are Nomad’s account managers at Key Currency, and they are committed to looking after all Nomad clients personally.  They will handle the whole process for you each time you need to transfer funds from one currency to another.  Get a quote below!

For more information about our partnership with Key Currency and this special offer, please see our recent blog posts about it.

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