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Order your groceries in the UK and send them to Greece!

New: Groceries now available on Crete and Patra Express!


Our Crete Express and Patra Express services have always been ideal for buying things in the UK, but there is one category that we have found difficult to process in our warehouse: groceries.  So many of our wonderful customers have asked us over the years if we can accept deliveries from Sainsbury’s for them and we have always had to politely decline – but no longer!

Now you can order from any UK retailer, including the supermarkets, and we will package the goods up for you and bring them to Greece!

Buy from the amazing range of products available in the UK, and the low prices available from UK retailers.  We can transport almost anything for you (other than perishable items), such as:

  • Jars, bottles and cans of sauces, preserves and other non-perishable food

  • Toiletries such as your favourite brand of shampoo, soap or deodorant

  • Beer & wine

  • And much more

If your Crete Express or Patra Express booking is for groceries, simply tick the box for “groceries” on the booking form so that we can be ready to receive them when they come in.  If you are ordering other items from other retailers too (or bringing other goods in to us yourself), that is fine, please still tick the box.

When we receive your delivery we will box everything up for you and charge you the same price as our normal Crete Express / Patra Express pricing (based on volume only, not weight), plus a flat fee per box of £2.40 including VAT, which covers the cost of the box itself and the time involved in packing it.  As the service becomes more popular we will work to lower this price if possible.

To order, simply place your order with one of the retailers (make sure you choose a delivery slot from 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday), and then tell us the order is coming in by completing the Crete Express Booking Form or Patra Express Booking Form.

Please note: we’ve been having trouble ordering from Tesco – there is a workaround, see the FAQ below.

For Sainsbury’s please use a browser other than Google Chrome – they are currently experiencing issues at the payment stage with this browser.  They hope to have this repaired soon but in the meantime please use a different browser.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Will you check my order to make sure Sainsbury’s has delivered each item I have asked for?

A: We won’t be able to individually check every item on a receipt given to us by the supermarket retailer.  We will be able to have a quick check to make sure that there are no obvious errors (eg: that an entire case of wine is not missing), but we cannot be held liable for individual missing items since we cannot check off a full list of supermarket grocery orders.  We will box up everything we receive for you and place your receipt in the boxes with your shopping.

For other individual items that you are ordering from other retailers, we will check these off when they arrive of course, to make sure they are present.  We just can’t do this with grocery orders.

Q: What if the retailer substitutes one item for another, or is out of stock of some of the groceries I ordered?

A: If the supermarket retailer is out of stock of something you have ordered and is unable to deliver the item to you, they will either substitute it for a similar item and deliver that instead, or they will not deliver the item at all (and they will not charge you for it in the latter case).  Where retailers offer you the option to select “No Substitutes”, we recommend choosing this option so that they do not substitute one item with another.

Q: What is the standard box size you will use for packing?

A: The standard box size is 45.7 x 45.7 x 32.0cm.  One of these boxes is the minimum order for groceries.

Q: What if my order fits into several standard boxes with only a small amount left over (not enough to fill another standard box)?

A: Then we will use a smaller box for the last box and use this for the volume calculation.  Similarly if you are ordering something that doesn’t fit in the standard box (eg: a large pack of many rolls of toilet paper), we will either pack this into a larger box or some other packing method that is appropriate for the item and minimises the volume you are charged for.  We will only charge you for the space you use.

Q: If something I’m ordering is already packed (eg: a case of wine) will you charge for packing this item?

A: No, we will only charge the packing charge for items that actually need to be packed of course. The same principle applies to the rest of our Crete Express orders (non-grocery orders), which typically arrive with us in the manufacturer’s packaging and are suitable for transport already – we do not charge a packing charge for these.

There are occasional cases where individual items do require packing but cannot be packed into boxes – in this case we will pack the item (in discussion with you of course), in the most appropriate way  to ensure that it is transported safely and minimises the cost.

Q: What about insurance?

A: Insurance is available on Crete Express & Patra Express orders, however insurance for groceries is limited to “Restricted Cover”, which means that only total loss of the order is covered, not individual items.  Other goods transported via the Crete Express / Patra Express can be covered by insurance under Standard Cover, which does cover you for damage or loss to individual items.  Insurance is optional, and is charged at 2.0% + IPT of the value of the goods.

Q: Are there any items that can’t be transported?

A: Some items cannot be transported by Nomad (including live plants, perishable goods, dangerous substances, and others). Please see the list at the end of the main FAQ for Crete Express and FAQ for Patra Express documents.

Q: Are there any supermarkets that this system will not work for?

A: We are having some trouble with Tesco, although there is a workaround if you would really like to order from Tesco, see below.  As far as we are aware all other supermarkets are fine.  We have been receiving a lot of deliveries from Sainsbury’s and Waitrose / Ocado already.  (Please note that Sainsbury’s has a problem at the payment stage if you use the Chrome browser, so please use a different browser)

Q: I would like to order through Tesco – can I do this?

A: Yes you can, it just requires a little bit of extra work up front, to get Tesco to add Nomad to your account (and a couple of requirements each time you order with them).  Because Nomad is a business address, Tesco defaults to this page showing an error message when you try to order.  It may be easier to order from a different supermarket, but if you would really prefer to use Tesco, there is a way to fix this problem.  Please follow these steps:

  1. With Tesco you must pay with a UK debit card – if you don’t have a UK debit card ignore the rest of the steps because Tesco will not allow you to order unfortunately
  2. On your Tesco groceries account add Nomad International, Oxney Road, Peterborough PE1 5YP as an address (it is already on Tesco’s dropdown list of addresses)
  3. Ring Tesco customer services on 08003 23 40 40 – option 1 then option 4, this will put you through to a customer service representative
    • Tell them that you would like to have deliveries to this address, but it is being blocked because it is a business address, so you need them to add it to your account
    • He or she will ask you if there is good access and no parking restrictions: say “Yes, good access and no parking restrictions”
    • They will add the Nomad business address to your account
    • It can take up to 72 hours after the phone call to go through for you to be allowed to order to this address
    • Tesco will email you once the address has been added to your account
  4. When you make your order on your computer, online from Greece, make sure computer is set to UK date and time – if it is on Greece time or any other time the Tesco server will block you
  5. Pay with your UK debit card

From then onwards, each time you order with Tesco you only have to do Steps 4 and 5 above.

  • Removals to Greece

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